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New England Northwestern Investment Co.
Principal Place of Business Seattle, Washington.
Office of General Manager

211 & 212
Pioneer Building
P.O. Box 1473
Seattle, March 31st 1893. 189
George J. Stoneman:
City Clerk. City of Seattle.
Dear Sir:
I am informed that a petition is to be presented the City
Council requesting a change in the plan of grading Anna Street.
As the purchaser of the bonds for the grading this street. I hereby
protest against any change of the plan.
At the time of the purchase I was informed that these bonds
were legally issued and the street would be improved according to
the ordinance. I have no personal reason for objecting
to this change other than the change that such change after the
bonds had been issued might effect their validity.
Before any action is taken on this petition I request a hearing.
The city os Seattle in acting as trustee for me as the bondholder of
this street grade is hereby requested to protect my interest.
M. H. Young

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