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To the Hon Board of
Alderman of the City of
As one of the petitioners
for the vacation of the alley in
Block 27 Boren's Addition to
Seattle I respectfully submit
the following
The statutes of the state pro-
vide that on the vacation
of a street or alley the title
to such vacated alley shall
best in the lot owners are
either side being
[Nrles] code [seg] 751
The Supreme Court of the State
has said in Commenting on
this statute "The Streets and
Alleys are held in trust by the
City for the public and the
lot owners, that is to say
that the public may use
the streets and alleys and
upon [discrimorice] the [cuta]
[cestr] in the lot owners on
either side in equal shares"
Wash report vol 1 p 207

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