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After many trials and failures,
a theatre is being constructed
on Lots 5-8 B 27, in consider-
ation of the public benefit
the lot owners in this block
in order to aid this proj-
ed considered that they
would consent to the vaca-
tion of the alley to the end
that the best possible build-
ing might be constructed
on such lots. The design
being to have an exit to
the alley as also a dressing
room on the East of
the stage. Richly adding to
the comfort and safety to
the theatre, inefer that
the plans to show the
condition of the
The several owners have
said that they make the
alley vacated, hence they
consider it for their
benefit that it be done -
The public an in no
wise damaged, but rather
enabelled, the City

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