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Apr 18 1892
Board of Public Works
Seattle - Wash

The Board of Public Works
We the undersigned residents on or near Bradley Street
and connecting with the line of pipe now laid on that street,
respectfully request that the present pipe which is only from 1&1/2 to 2
inches in diameter be replaced with a 4 or 5 inch main.
There are a large number of houses on or near Bradley street , and with
the present line of pipe there are many which at times get no water.
We also request that hydrants be placed along said street, as at pres-
ent there ins absolutely no protection against fire.
Chas E Crane
G M Barber
H R Clise
F Durgin
C T Laugridge
E C Kilbannon
C M Sheafe
Chas Power
George Donworth
Louise A Tompson
D E Blaine
E D White
E L Blaine
Jno W Hubbard
Isaiah Estep
H C Estep
Lue A McClellan
J M Williams

to Supt W Works for report
4/20/92 F W D H secy

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