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To the Hon. the Mayor and Common
council of the City of Seattle
Youe Committee on License & Revenue
to whom was referred a petitionof Bickerton
& Bell asking that the license rate for Auctioneers
be reduced from $400. to $100. beg to report:
1st, that the petitioners have up to this time been
operating under a license taken out by
them just previous to the last amendment of the
Ordinance, and which cost them $100.
2nd, that the other Auctioneers now doing
business in the city have each paid the
sum of $400. for thier respective licenses.
3rd, that your Committee think it would
be a lilttle less than just to the competition
o f this firm, to reduce the rate to suit Messrs
Bickerton & Bell while the others an all
loaded down with high priced licenses.
Decr. 10/89
D E Durie
H T Phillips

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