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The Street Committee report that they have considered the ap-
plication of S L Bowman for a street-railway franchise, made to the
city council on the 27thof June; that they are opposed to the
granting of any franchise for a street railway along Weller Street
at prosent, while questions as to the grade of that street and the
constructionof the roadway thereof are unsettled; but that Mr. Bow-
man has expressed to yout committee his willingness to m odify his
application so as to ask for the franchise desired by him over the
following route:
Beginning on Washington Street at the west line of the sidewalk
on the east side of Railroad Avenue; running thence east along Wash-
ington Street
to the line of Sixteenth Street in Sander's Supple-
mental Plat
projected northward; thence south through private prop-
erty along said line of said Sixteenth Street projected northward,
to and across Jackson Street; thence in an easterly, southeasterly or
southerly direction through private property to Twenty Fifth Street
in Sander's Supplemental Plat; thence south along said Twenty Fifth
to State Street; thence east along State Street to the line
of Twenty Fourth Street in the plat of Central Seattle projected
northward; thence south along the line of said Twenty Fourth Street
projected northward, to Grand Street; thence east along Grand Street
to Twenty Fifth Street in said plat of Central Seattle; thence south
along said Twenty Fifth Street to Walker Street; and thence in an easter-
ly, southeasterly or southerly dierction , by the most practicable
route, through private propety and along or across any street or
streets necssary or desirable to be included in such route, to the
south boundry line of the City of Seattle.
And your committee respectfully report in favor of granting to
said S L Bowman a franchise, with porper conditions and restrictions,
for the constructions and operationofa street railway along the
route above designated.
July 2 1890
T E Jones Chairman Streets
F A Twitchell
Harry White

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