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Mr President
Your Committee on Judiciary
To whom was referred an ordinance
granting to Chas H Baker
and his assignees The right to
erect poles and streatch wires
thereon for Electrical purposes.
Have had the same
under consideration and beg
leave to make the following
report - Your committee
would recommend that locations
2 be amended to read as
follows. That all poles for the
stretching of wires shall be
placed inside of the outide
Stringers next to the Street
and all poles shall not be less
that forty feet in height above
ground. and to amend Sect.
nine by stenciling out fine
lines and inserting sewer
lines -and your committee would be correct
the passage of this ordinance after
so amended - all of which
is most especially submitted
A S Miller, Chairman
M Korn
E S Ingraham

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