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John Leary, President
E O Graves, vice Pres
Thos W Prosch, 2nd vicePres
E F Wittler, Treasurer
Percy Rochester
A P Mitten
B F Shaubut
Hermann Chapin
W E Bailey
A Holman
G Davies
G H Heilbron
U R Niesz
Jacob Furth
Seattle Chamber of Commerce
Seattle, Washington 189
perhaps be consumed in the under-
taking. It was also the common
idea that the Council wished to submit
the amendments that might be offered
to the people at a special election to be
called for the purpose during the latter
part of the coming spring or the early
part of summer. It was supposed
that this would be done in accordance
with a provision of Section One of Article
twenty of the Charter, which declared that
amendments may be submitted to the
qualified voters "at a special election to
be called for the purpose by the City Council."
Upon investigation it has been found that
this provision of the Charter is in conflict
with the State Constitution, which in Section
ten of Article Eleven says that "such charter
may be amended by proposals therefor
submitted by the Legislative authority of
such city to the election thereof at any
general election after notice of said
submission, published as above specified,
and ratified by a majority of the qual-

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