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Seattle wash. Aug 13th 1894
To the Hou
The House of Delegates of the City of Seattle.

The Board of Aldermen beg leave
to tender to you their most cordial esteem, and
consideration, as we learn with profound regret
that by reason of not being notified some of your
members were unable to be present at a meeting of
the railroad committee of the Board of Aldermen recently
held. We desire to inform you that every effort was
made to notify every member of the city council including
also every executive officer of the cit. The time was
limited to notify all of the above named persons, yet
the city clerk did his duty so efficiently, that nearly
every member of the city government was present, and
that their presence was most pleasing to the members of the
Railroad committee of this board. We learn with pleasure
that the judiciary committee of your body
has been empowered to act in matters concerning
railroads that came before you for consideration, and
invite any or all of your members to be present at
any or all committee meetings of the board that may be held.
We have heretofore endeavored to have every person present
at every meeting of any of our committees that would be
able to assist us to arrive at a proper solution on every matter that
may come before any of our committees.
We feel that the members of the House of Delegates
can materialy assist us therefore we most respectfully
invite you to attend all of our meetings of committees.

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