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To the Honorable
Mayor & Common Council of
the City of Seattle
The undersigned members of the
Board of Delagates of the Fire De-
partment of the City of Seattle, would
resepctfully represent to your honor-
able body, that, the remomval of Engine
No 2 from its present quarters to
Belltown,, as heretofore ordered by
your honorable body, is against the
public interests of the City, and will
in case of a fire in the business
portion of the City work an irre-
parable injury
We would therefore respectfully
pray your honorable body to re-
scind your said order and allow
the engine to remain where it is.
And your petitioners will ever pray
U M Rasin President
Delegate No 2
L P Terry Delegate No 2
W M Jones Delegate No 3
J F McDonald Delegate No 2
J Schram Delegate No H&L
Robt Abrams Delegate No 1
Jack Levy Delegate No H&L

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