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Seattle March 10th 1884
To the Honorable the City Council
of the City of Seattle
In view of the fact
that there is o regularly organized
Fire Department for the City of Seattle
and being fully impressed with the
necessity for the same We your
petitioners would respectfully
request tht your Hon body
autorize an Ordinance creating
such department and would
suggest that such department consist
as follows:
A Chief Engineer to be apt by the Council
(with such salary as you may deem proper)
Who shall have entire controll of the
Mechanical Department of the Seam fire
engines and the selection of his subordinates
A Chief of the Fire Department who shall with one assistant be elected
by the firemen as such time as you
may determine Who shall withou pay
have full control and management
at all fires and direction of all
matters pertaining to fires water supply
the erection of stove pipes & ranges etc within
the fire limits localeties of [?]

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