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To the Honorable The Mayor and
Common Council of the City ofSeattle

We the undersigned property owners
intersted in the advancement & progress
of our fain City most respectfully petition
for the Immediate Extension of the Fire
limits as follows. On the East, to
the Alley between Third and Fourth Sts
On the West as present defined
On the North to and including the North side
of Pike St (120 feet north)
On the South, as at present defined
T R Sinis
John G Suing
W H Pumphrey
J H McGraw
A MacIntosh
W J Carkeek
G W Young
W A Harrington
J C Dixon
J D Tournau
Isaac Dobson
J M Colman
W P Boyd
John Collins
G H Heilbron
Thomas Burke
James Campbell
H H McNoth
J M C Atkinson
E C Kilbrum
Frauenthal Bros
W C Hill
Herman Chapin
J H W Naught
Fres C Sauais
Lev and Bowden Correspondents Lombard Inc Co
A W Engle
N W Struve
Howard H Lewis

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