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Office of City Engineer, Seattle, Washington, May 9th, 1894.

List of names of property owners on Front Street between Union
and Yesler Avenue, Seattle, Washington.

West half of Block 1, A. A. Denny's Second Addition.
6 Lots, A. A. Denny, owner.

West half of Block 6, A. A. Denny's Second Addition,

L. Diller,
Mrs. Knight, (Judge Greene Att'y),
Jacob Levy,
Estate of Guy C. Phinney, Young & Jacobson

West half of Block 13, Boren's Addition,

Amos Brown, owner,

West half of Block 12, Boren's Addition,

R. Holyoke,
F. E. Sander,
L. H. Griffith,
M. R. Maddock,

West half of Block 9, Boren's Addition,

Gatzert and Schwabacher Bros,
Geo. F. Frye,

West half of Block 8, Boren's Addition,

Estate of Guy C. Phinney,
Harms and Dickman,
Sam'l Kenney,

West half of Block 5, Boren's Addition,

M. & K. Gottstein,
John Sullivan,
Christ. Scheurman,

West half Block 4, Boren's Addition,

H. L. Yesler Estate,
J. D. Lowman,
Emerson, (see L. C. Gilman),

Block 1, Boren's Addition,

John Collins,

East half of Block "E", Denny's 4th Addition,

A. A. Denny,
J. J. Post,
J. W. Edwards,

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