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Peoples Savings Bank
of Seattle Washington
Bailey Gatzert, president
J Furth, vice president
Arthur Denny, 2nd vice president
James R Hayden, cashier & Scty
F I Blodgett, cashier
Seattle Washington, Feby 2nd 1893
To the Hon. Mayor, Council & House
of Delegates of the City of Seattle
Your attention is called
to the fact that Republican Street
runs East & West, and in the Pontius
Supl Addition
the same street is named
5th Street. My residence
is the
N E Corner of Boylston and
5th Street as is A Pontius Supl Plat,
but in fact should be Republican
and Boyleston. I therefore respectfully
petition your honorable bodies to
correct the Error by having the
Pontius Addition fifth Street changed
to conform to Republican street
which is the name of the street as
Continued to the East and West
of said]] 5th street]]. Very Respectfully
Jas R Hayden

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