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Seattle, Oct. 18th, 1889.
To the Honorable Mayor, and Common Council
of the City of Seattle.

I respectfully
petition that definite action be taken in regard
to cutting off the building known as the Knight
, situated on Front Street, between University
and Seneca Streets, City of Seattle.
Having heard that is was soon to be cut
off four feet, I applied to the city attorney to
learn when it would be done. He could not
tell me exactly, but said it would be soon.
I also applied to the Board of Appraisers, who
said it would be done soon, and instructed
me to give them my estimate of damages, which
I have done.
I am the lesee of said building. The
north store is being vacated today and I pay
too high rent for it to remain unoccupied. I
have been intending to engage in business in said
store myself but the city attorney told me that if I
did so, and sustained any damage by store being cut off, I would do
so at my own risk, and would have to apply to
the court for relief, which I do not want to do.
I earnestly request that your honorable body will
act on this as soon as possible as it is of much
importance to me.
Very Respectfully,
Jerome M Souder, lessee

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