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Office of City Clerk
Robert Moran, mayor
C W Ferris, city clerk
First Ward
F A Twichell
Harry White
Second Ward
D E Durie
U R Niesz
Third Ward
F J Burns
J N Wallingford
Fourth Ward
T E Jones
Geo W Hall
Seattle Wash Decr 23 1889
To the Hon the Mayor & Common Council
of the City of Seattle
Your Special Committee apppointed
to make recommendations with regard
to the Fire Boat, beg to report as follows.
We could recommend that the time for
the completion of the boat, with the ex-
ception of placing the copper sheathing
on the hull be fixed at 120 working
days from the signing of the Contract.
The reason for making this recommendation
is that the specification as it came from
the Architect specifics that the sheathing
after the boat has been floated down
to her load line for 4 to 6 weeks.
She is to be docked her bottom
cleaned and graved, all seams gone
over carefully and the old oakum
well hawsed in. After this a fourth
thread of oakum is to be put in, and

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