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Office of City Clerk
Robert Moran, mayor
C W Ferris, city clerk
First Ward
F A Twichell
Harry White
Second Ward
D E Durie
U R Niesz
Third Ward
F J Burns
J N Wallingford
Fourth Ward
T E Jones
Geo W Hall
Seattle Wash
the seams well pitched and the yelow
metal sheets to be laid on and properly
secured by sheathing nails. This
method we consider to be necessary to
make a first class job, but in order
to save time and that the City may
get the use of the boat at as early
a date as possible, we recommend
that the contract be continued in
force for a further period of 90
days adter the City takes possession
of the boat, and that, at the end of
said 90 days the City turn the boat
over to the Contractor for a period
of 10 days within which time the
Contractor must haul the boat out
and her bottom cleaned and graved
an her seams gone over and caulked
and pitched all as specifiec and
the yellow metal sheathing put on,
and the boat finally turned over

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