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To the Honorable Mayor, Board of Aldermen and House Delegates of
the City of Seattle
We the undersigned petitioners, residing on and in the
vacinity of Depot Street and Fifth Streets, would most respectfully represent
that Fifth Street, between Depot Street and Vine Street, is in a very
bad condition, rendering it almost impassible for travel and we ear-
nestly request your Honorable bodies to plank the West side of said
Fifth Street from Depot Street to Vine Street, a distance of one block
and your petitioners will ever pray.

L M Newman
S A Suink
Edmond Lams
Thompsen Brow
Holy on Gach of TLo ch
[O H adsit?]
A E Giny & Co
Mer I Hendrie
B A Anderson
W J Robbil
E W Frye
Wa Mudelleh
Wm Allen
A M Sterenr
E D McCormick
Thomas Donley
Stolz Cubach & Roch

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