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Seattle, Wash
March 28th 1890
To His Honor the Mayor & Councillors of
the City of Seattle, County of King-
I would respectfully call the
attention of your Honorable Body to the
great discrepancy in the valuation oflots
in this vicinity.
My lot Nos 7, 8, & 9, & 10 Block 29
Heirs of S A Bell addition
are valued at
the high [?] of eight hundred dollars each
while other lots, contiguous tomine are only
valued at from Four Hundred & Fifty, and
Five hundred dollars each.
The assessor promised to ar-
range this matter for me, but I presume he has
been too busy -
I would respectfully ask your
honorable body to please reduce the assessment
valuation of there lots so as to conform with
those around my property.
The grading of Ninth, Olive &
Pine Streets will prove a hardship to me on
account ofthe unequal assessment-
I paid my taxes on this
property under protest-
Hoping you will kindly
arrange this matter forme
I am
Very Respy Yours
B B Freed

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