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[letterhead with trustees listed] Seattle Chamber of Commerce
John Leary, president
E O Graves, vice-pres.
Thos W Prosch 2nd vice pres.
E F Wittler, treasurer
Percy W Rochester
A Holman
A P Mitten
G Davies
B F Shaubut
G H Heilbron
Herman Chapin
U R Niesz
W E Bailey
Jacob Furth
Seattle, Washington, Sept 12th 1890

Hon Harry White
Mayor of Seattle

Dear Sir:

The bearer Mr Eisenbach is
desirous of taking from the City the garbage
that is now a source of considerable
annoyance, and converting it into
Phosphates [TC?]. He has called upon
us to assist him in finding a
location for his works and also in
securing proper authority from the

If after talking with him you
think his plan for disposing of the
garbage feasible will you kindly put
him in the way of properly bringing
the matter before the Health Department
for recommendation to the City Council

Yours Respectfully
J W Dodge

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