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To the Hon Mayor and the Common Council of the City of
Your petitioner represents; That he is the
owner of Lots 5 and 8 in Block 36 of Boren's Addition
tha said Lots are at the North-east corner of Fifth and Terrace
s; that the original grade as established by law at the
East Line of Fifth Street and Terrace Street was about 121 feet
above datum; that petitioner built houses with reference to
grade as first extabliahed; that petitioner nowhere gives notice
that unless the work of grading at the intersection of Fifth and
Terrace Streets is completed in acordance with the grade first
established this petitioner will demand full compensation for the
loss and damage he sustains by reason of such change in the grade;
that petitioner has heretofore protested against all atttempts to change
the grade in said Streets of near said property, and does now here-
by enter his protest against the present work of grading done in
violation of the Ordinance of the City of Seattle; that petitioner
will be put to great expense in moving back said houses and in
erecting bulk heads to protect his property, all because of the
change of grade as alleged herein;
Petitioner therefore demands that the grading of said Streets
be done in pursuance of the ordinance which first established said
grade at about 121 feet above datum, and further alleges that
that all work on grading done in pursuance of subsequent Ordinances
is in violation of law and petitioner's right.
Therefore, petitioner prays that said work of grading
be done in compliance with Ordinance No ___ and other
Ordininces which first established said grade at about 121 feet
above datum.
John Graf

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