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Board of Public Works
Office of City Engineer
Jesse Cochrane]], chairman
W V Rinehart
G H Heilbron
J F Pratt, secretary
Seattle Washington Dec 5th 1890
A S Miller
Member of St Committee
Dear Sir,
In regard to the
petition of Mr Graf I would say
that the floor of the Terrace House on
the N E Cor for Terrace & Fifth Sts is 35/100 ft
above the Eastwick Grade which is 121 ft
above datum. The grade at the East
side of Fifth on Terrace St as shown
by the records in this office 116 ft above
dtum - This grade was established
before the Terrace House was built.
Making the House 5&35/100 ft above the present
Albro Gardner
City Eng.

...That petitioner has suffered loss by reason of said slide
to the buildings and iprovements onsaid Lots amounting to at

least $6000.00, and that the loss by reasonof said slide to the
lots is at least $4000.00, making a total loss to said buildings

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