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To the Honorable Common Council of the City of Seattle,

Your petitioners represent to your Honorable Body that they are resi-
dents and property holders along and in the vicinity of the street now known and platted as Lincoln Avenue running from View Street to Denny &
Hoyts Addition, that the same street before reaching Denny & Hoyts Add is short for a distance platted as Vanderbilt Ave. That all of said
Street running continuously North from said View Street to Denny & Hoyts Addition is in reality a continuation of Kentucky Street which is now well known as such. That there are several other Lincoln Avenues and Lincoln Streets in the City of Seattle, and that the said name
causes confusion, wherefore your petitioners pray that the name Ken-
tucky Street be made to apply to all of said Street which is in reality
a continuation of Kentucky Street from the present terminus of Kentucky Street at View Street to the South line of Denny and Hoyts Addition,
and that the name Kentucky Street be made the official designation of said street.

J. F. Pike
A. Breney
H. R. Cline
A. W. Gilman
Wm. Daniels
D. B. Ward
H H Ames
R. E McCoy
B. J. Cornsy
M J. Thomlinson
A. L. Brand
Ole Graff
E. L. Austin
E. E. Simpson
Erick Win Jr.
C. B. Dudley
Chas D. Walker

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