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To His Honor the Mayor and Honorable Board Of Aldermen and House of Delgates
of the City of Seattle
The undersigned petitioners and tax payers, of the City of
Seattle owning property adjacent to Harrison St and in said City, respectfully
represent, that in response to a petition setting forth the needs of a sewer on
said Harrison Street your Honorable body ordered a sewer constructed along said
street from Oak to Temperance Streets, and connect with Temperance Street sewer.
And, whereas it has been found to be impracticable to so construct said sewer on
account of the lack of fall for drainage, and whereas if the line of said sewer
were projected along said Harrison Street to Elliot Bay, sufficient fall could be
had to properly drain said sewer, and whereas, there is urgent need of a sewer along
said street, your petitioners pray that your Honorable body order a sewer constructed
from the ally between Oak and Poplar Streets along Harrison Street to Elliot Bay
and your petitioners will ever pray.
John B Denny
Chas M Finch
Geo F Moyer
Lebosh Wilton
Nelson McCallum
C C Reynolds
J A McAurlan
L B Towne
A J Carr
W F Denny
Alice M Goldstein
A T Cassel
W F Epler
John Lou
Arthur F Thurman MD
Geo M Runkle
L A Stines
D L Denny
Louisa Denny
E Inez Denny
R Byrne
Geo Skinner
J R Donihue

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