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To the Hon, Mayor and Commo
Council of the City of Seattle.
Your petition respectfully
represents and says:
That he is the owner of an one and one
half inch (1&1/2) iron water main extending
along Yesler Ave from Sixth to Fifth streets
a distance of three hundred and twenty
two feet, (322). That he is supplying
residents with water adjacent to said
main, and is receiving therefor $34.50
for month.
That he has numerous applications
to supply others , but has not sufficient
water to do so, and that connection
coud be made to said main pipe
by the Spring Hill Water Co to within twenty
Therefore would ask that the city purchase said main for a
reasonable consideration, and furnish
water to parties aforesaid and your
petitioner will ever pray
Seattle WD H. Jones
Dec. 27, 1889 Petitioner

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