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To the Hon Mayor & Common council
of the City of Seattle:
The undersigned, F.H. Kendall
respectfully represents; that he is engaged
in the business of dealing in stoves and tin-
ware, and was burnt out and by the great fire
of June 6th 1889, since which time he
has been doing business in a tent on
the west side of Second Street
between Seneca and University, and
has a tent permit for such location;
that he is located upon the property of
L. Kline; that said Kline is about to
erect a brick building upon said
property, and your petitioner is therefore
compelled to move therefrom, and has
second permission from A. A. Denny
to erect his tent on the same side of
Second Street about half a block
from his present location; that said
Kline will complete his said brick
block in about seventy days, and
your petitioner has engaged a store
in the same and will move thereto
as soon as completed, and only desires
a place to do business until said store
is completed
Wherefore your petitioner prays that

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