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know all Men by these Presents:
that mr. Moses Keizer, W H Shoudy, An
drew Chilberg
and Nelson Chilberg are
held and firmly bound unto the City of Seattle
in the sum of five hundred Dollars,
gold coin of the United Statees of America, to be paid to the
said City of Seattle
for which payment will and truly to be made, we
bind ourselves our heirs, executors and administrators,
jointly & severally firmly by these presents, Sealed with our
seal and dated the Seventh day of April AD
one thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine
The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the said
Moses Keiser hath entered into a contrat with
the City of Seattle to build a certain tank
of the dimensions of 40 ft long, 16 ft wide, and
8 feet deep, on the Intersection of Cherry and Third
, in the City of Seattle for the specified sum
of five hundred and ninety nine dollars. Was
threfore if said Moses Keiser well and
faithfully purforms such contract in due as-
cordance with the promises thereof and
with the specifications thereto attached.

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