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Stevedores, Longshoremen and Riggers Union
of Puget Sound

Branch No.2 P O Box
Seattle, Wash Ter

when wanted, by those who may desire this kind of work done
and where orders can be left for such service. We would further
represent that such a place woudl be for the benefit of men
following and arduous occupation where they can spend time,
not engages at work, in reading, as they prepare to keep this place
well supplied with newspapers and such books as they can secure
for moral and intellectual improvement of the members of this Unoin.
In case your honorable body should grant this petition
we pledge you that this place shall be kept for the purposes above
set forth and good order will be preserved at all times.

Repectfully Submitted,
Robt Merritt President, Union
Henry Storey committee
J Burke Committee
W A Harrington
J A Hatfield
Schwabacher Bros Co Joseph
D C Farwell
Baker, Bacon & Co
Risdon Dahu Co
Fischer & Macdonald
S W Parkhurst
Geo H Foster

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