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at Kirkland Houghton and other parts of
the Lake and that more or less sewage and
in increasing amouts will find its way
into the Lake.

Lake Union is almost in the heart of the
city, how important then that it be kept
from becoming a stagnant disease breeding

This canal will secure for the city at
a very small expense, as good a water
supply as the plan of Engineer Benizette
which if we mistake not would
have cost the city over a million and a
half dollars.

We come before you asking that you will
dig this canal in the name of the city, using
the legal power which we understand is
granted you as a city. The owners of
flooded lands stand ready and willing to
bear the greater part of the expense and are
waiting to know if subscriptions shall be
made payable to the city or not.

The evil consequences of the failure to
give relief at this time are very great

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