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The undersigned retail liquor dealers, doing business in the
City of Seattle, respectfully submit as follows:

They are required to have paid a license fee of Six hundred
(600) Dollars a year. This amount was fixed at a time when business
was generally in a flourishing condition. Within the past two years,
however, trade has everywhere seriously declined, and the liquor
dealers have suffered severely in consequence.

No reduction, has, however, been made in the amount of the
license fee, and many liquor dealers find themselves obliged to
withdraw from business, unless the burdens upon them can be les-

Your petitioners represent to you that as a body they are law-
abiding citizens, and the business is conducted in Seattle with
less trouble and disorder than in any large city in the United States.

Two important departments of the City, the library and the
parks, depend entirely for support upon one-tenth of the licenses,
fines and fees, and their income has been greatly impaired, mainly
because of the reduction of the number of men in businesses which
pay license fees.

We feel satisfied that if the fee were reduced to $400 a year
not only would it prevent several establishments closing up, but
would add to the number doing business. The result would be an in-
creased revenue to the City.

The license fee of $600 is higher than in the majority of cities
of the size of Seattle. The power to license is given cities for
the purpose of regulating trades and not for the purpose of driving
people out of business.

We, therefore, respectfully petition your honorable body to
reduce the license for sale of liquor by retail, from $600 a year
to $400,

And your petitioners will ever, & c.,

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