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Department of Police
Seattle Washington
Bolton Rogers Chief

Seattle Washington December 10th 1984
To the Honorable, the Mayor and City Council,
of the City of Seattle
Complaint is hereby made of and against
Frank Lindquist and Herman Lindset, licensees under and by virtue
of License #610 for the sale of liquors in what is known as the
Mint Saloon, situated at number 215 Washington Street. Said license
was issued July 4 1894. Said Frank Lindquist and Herman Lindset
are continuously violating Section 15 of ordinance #910, in allowing
lewd men and women to loiter in and about their saloon and are
allowing lewd women, who are known as common prostitutes, to loiter
and hang about their saloon, dancing with men and drinking and
carousing at all hours both day and night.
Very Respectfully
Bolton Rogers
Chief of Police

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