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Seattle Aug 2nd 1884
To the Honorable Mayor and Common
Council of the City of Seattle
We the undersigned petitioners
residents of the first ward, having full
confidence in the intergity, sobriety and
personal courage of Mr Wm Morris of
said first ward, we would respectfully
recommend him as a suitable person to
be employed on the police force.
Lysander Smith
C R Foster
Jas MacDonald
C McDermoth
M J Carkeek
J M Pearlmany
John McCloskey
Patrick Welsh
E L Huson
C P Lacey
B F Ball
J C Coelius
H S Gooding
G Rhranes
L A Meyer
W O Rinehard
M Costopech
F W Cavanaugh
James Pollack
E A Turner
F A Keem
J D Gardner
A Haley
N Christensen
John Jefferson
O S Wright
George W Merton
Ed Smith
Watson Allen
Amos Hurst

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