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To the Hon. Mayor and Common Council of the City of Seattle

We, the undersigned members of the School Board, of School
District No. I, having learned that one Richard Pritchard, has made
application for a license to establish a saloon on Jackson Street,
do hereby protest against the issuance of a license to said Rich-
ard Pritchard, and base our protest upon the following grounds,
amongst others;

That a School is soon to be established in the neighborhood,
where said saloon is proposed to be opened; that not fewer than
twenty-five children will attend said Public School during the
coming year.

That the presence of a saloon so near to the Public School,
would be detrimental to the best interests of the neighborhood.

That said Richard Pritchard was indicted in the Spring of 1884
and convicted of keeping and maintaining a house of prostitution in
the City of Seattle.
That undersigned are apprehensive, that if license for a saloon
is granted to said Richard Pritchard, that this place is likely to
become a rendez-vous for lewd and disreputable characters.
To authorize or permit such a place to be established, within
a stone's throw of the Public School, would be disgraceful in the
last degree, and would be to surround the children, with influences
the most vicious and baneful.
We therefore, in the interest of the children to attend
Public School, protest against granting of a license to Richard
Pritchard, for the opening of a saloon on Jackson Street.

Thomas Burke
D. B. Ward

School Directors of
School Dist. No 1.

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