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Board of Aldermen of the City of Seattle

[left margin] Oct 22/90 [/left margin]
Petition of J. P. Dyer Et al. for Electric Light
Cor. Depot and Albert St. read and
rep to Com on Street Lights.

Petition of M. J. Coshella Et. al. for Electric
light on Seneca Street. Read & ref
to Com on Street Lights.

Petition of Chas Deitz Et. al for the
planking of 7th St. from Lenora to
Bell St. Read & ref to Street Com.

Petition of J. B. Ronald Et. al for im-
proving Yakima Street. Read & ref to St. Com.

Peition of Eben Smith Administrator
for rebate on Liquour license of Thos
. Read and ref to Com. on L & R.

Petition of Julius Wiegart for permiss-
ion to build stairs from sidewalk
on 4th St. near Yesler Ave. Read & ref to
St. Committee.

Application for position as City Stenogra-
pher from Miss Maude Berry and
Mrs. A. H. Allet. Read and Tabled.

Committee from Chairman of the Board
of Public Works appointing W. T. Preston
Asst. Supt. of Water Works. E. Sheff and
Asst. Supt. Water Works. L. J. Campton
Supt of Buildings Bridges and Wharves,
R.S. Chirndt Supt. of Sewers and
J. F. Pratt Secty of the Board of Public
Works. Read & ref to Com on Salaries.

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