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Oct 7, 1881
Stephen Berry Street labor $2.00
Stetson & Post Lumber for streets 225.39
Columbia & P.S. R.R. Co Lumber for streets 47.70
Seattle Lumber & Com cial Co Lumber for streets 25.62
D. A. Jennings Mattock handles & nails 2.20
F. W. Wusthoff Hardware for Street Dept 17.55
John L. Kahaley Hauling for Street Dept 3.75
John Leary Hauling for Street Dept 1.00
Charles McDonald Sharpening Tools 8.75
F. H. Whitworth Surveys on 5th Street 8.00
Gas Fund
Gas Lt Co Gas $125.25 Attend Lights $30 $155.25
Waddell & Miles work on Gas Mains 13.55
Fire Fund
J. D. Hinckley Ground sent $8.00
Robert Russell Hauling engine to Fire 5.00
Minick & Thompson Hauling engine to Drill $2.50 Coal 75cents 3.25
Chas McDonald repairs to Engine 14.00
W. A. Perry Engine Steward 75.00
D. A. Jennings Oil etc for Fire Dept 12.00
Waddell & Miles Drip pan for engine 3.50
Ordered that the City Attorney be and he is hereby instructed to sub-
mit at next meeting a Contract and Bond for the performance of the
City printing by the successors of Stewart & Ebersold
And now on this the 7th day of October 1881 in pursuance of the
Notice published as required by Ordinance No 241, the Council
proceeds to hear all complaints agains the assessment required by
said Ordinance No 241 and filed with the City Clerk on the 30th
day of August 1881; Thereupon comes Catherine Werritt and George
, her husband, by W.H. White Esq, their Attorney and file their
written objections to any assessment or valuation being placed upon the
property of the said Catherine Weritt set forth in said assessment poll
for the reasons set forth in said Written objections now on file; thereupon
after due consideration said objections are ordered laid on the table
upon the following vote, to wit: In favor of Laying said objections on

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