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Stewart & Ebersold Quarantine Posters $5.50
Louis Rice Burying Cornon 1.50
Road Fund
R H Calligan Street labor $87.50 use of horse 11. Prisnis found 54.71 $153.11
James Campbell Street Labor 43.00
Luther Albee Street Labor 39.00
Thomas Rock Street Labor 39.00
Michael Keho Street Labor 2.00
Stetson & Post Lumber 43.31
Robert Russell Hauling Lumber 11.13
John L Kahaley Hauling Lumber 4.50
F W Wusthoff Nails 5.85
D A Jennings Nails 1.60
Gas Fund
Seattle Gas Lt Co Gas $169.05
Fire Fund
W A Perry Engine Steward $75.00
T D Huckly Engine ground sent 8.00
John C Collins Engine to & from fire 10.00
McDaniel Bert Hitching to Engine Fire Alarm 5.00
Minick & Thompson Hauling Coal 3.00
D A Jennings Coal Oil & matches 10.25
Wald & Campbell Mill File 75
A petition is received from Thomas Brotherhood praying for the
remitting of a Road Poll Tax; thereupon the smae is referred to
the Finance Committee
A Communication isreceived from the Clerk relative to the
procuring of a safe or some other proper enclosure in which to
keep thecity records; thereupon it is ordered that a Committee
to wit: Jennings, McDonald & Keenan be & they are hereby appointed
to procure estimates of cost of a safe
The written opinioin of James McNaught Esq is received
for the liability of the City to care for and support all the paupers
found within the City Limits. The opinioin is to the effect that
the City is not so liable

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