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A petition is secured from R. McCombs & others praying for the
establishment and execution of a Gas Light at the South East
of Seneca and 2nd streets; Whereupon the prayer of the petition
is granted and a Gas Lamp is ordered erected as in said
petition requested
Ordered that the Quarantine measures now in force against
New Tacoma be and they are hereby continued until further
Ordered that the Committee on Quarantine Measures be
and they are hereby instructed & authorized to raise the Quarantine
against New Tacoma whenever such action may be considered
Ordered that the petition of Thomas Brotherhood for the re-
mitting of a Road Poll Tax be granted; and that a Warrant
Be issued in favor of said petitioner on the Road Fund in the
sum of $4.00
Ordered the the petition of Edgar Bryan for the remitting
of certain taxes be & is hereby laid on the table
Ordered that the report of the Treasurer be received and
order filed
Ordered that the claim of F. H. Whitworth for surveys
for 3rd Street sidewalk be referred to Councilmen Keenan, Mc-
& Clancy
Ordered that the Street Committee be and They are hereby
Granted one weeks further time in which to report upon the matters
of constructing certain sidewalks in South Seattle and a side-
walk in front of W. C. Squire's Block in Bell Town
Ordered that the Marshall and Street Commissioners be
and the are hereby instructed to open the Alley in Block 9 in
Maynard's plat

Ordered that the matter of wrongful assessment ofMrs.
be & the same hereby is referred to the Finance Committee
Ordered that the Claim of Wm.H. Bow be and the same
is hereby referred to the Finances
now the City Attorney executed his report upon the
[?] of citizen the pay Road Poll Tax [?] opinion is in the

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