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the sum of $560.00 in Warrant on the City Fund; Thereupon
it is ordered that the Special Committee to whom was referred
the matter of procuring the same be instructed to negotiate
a purpose for such safe and to report Thereupon at next meeting
And now come the several persons hereafter named and
make applications for the included herein after specified for
the periods and from the dates herein after specified; and at the
same time said applicants present their several Bonds in accord-
ance with the Ordinance relative thereto; thereupon after due exam-
ination said bonds are approved, and said applicants are making
due proof that they are men of good moral character
It is therefore ordered that upon the compliance with
all the other provisions of said ordinance, the Clerk be & is
hereby instructed to issue licenses to said applicants for the
periods & purposes following to wit:
Name Description of License Term Date of Commencement
L.Diller Retail liquor 3 months Jan 16 1882
L.Diller Billiard Table 3 " " 16 "
James W. Smith Retail Liquor 3 " " 3 "
Shaw & Algar Retail Liquor 3 " " 9 "
Shaw & Algar Billiard Table 3 " " 9 "
Jacob Bersch Grocery 3 " " 1 "
Jacob Bersch 1 Pigeon Hole Table 3 " " 5 "
Jacob Bersch 1 Pool Table 3 " " 24 "
The following claims having been duly audited by the Council
are ordered paid by Warrants drawn on the funds and in the
amounts following tour:
City Fund
E.S.Osborne Clerk $ 41.67
J.M.Hall Attorney 41.67
J.H.McGains Chief of Police $100 Letterbox $3.50 103.50
J.H.Woolery Police 80.00
W.B.Jacking " 80.00

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