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Ordered that a notice be published warning all persons
against interfering with the gaslights.
Ordered that the City Marshall be and he is hereby ins-
tructed to cause the Building Boat House & boats to be re-
moved away from the Columbia Street Incline
Ordered that the City Marshall be and he is hereby instructed
to secure the Stairway adjacent to the shore occupied by
J.H. Sanderson & situation in the alley
And now the City Treasurer returned the Tax Roll for the
year 1881 with the return Thereon the Council; thereupon it is
ordered that the Clerk be & he is hereby instructed to deliver said
Tax Rolls to the Treasurer of King County and to issue and annex
thereto a Warranted directed to said Treasurer commanding him to
proceed forthwith to collect the delinquent taxes upon such
roll & make return as provided by law
Ordered that the Council stated now adjourned until Friday evening January 13th 1881
Approved, W. A. Fleming, Acting Mayor
Attest E S Osborne, Clerk
Be it remembered that on this the 13th day of January 1882
the CommonCouncil of the City of Seattle meets in its Council
Chamber pursuant to adjornment
The following officers are present to wit: His Honor the Mayor
L P Smith and councilmen Thomas Clancy, John Collins, M
, Wm A Jennings, John Keenan, Moses Keezer and
Charles McDonald

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