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Gas Fund
Seattle Gas Light Co Attend lights $30 Gas $189.90 $219.90
Waddell & Miles Work on mains 36.82
Fire Fund
W. A. Perry Engine Steward $75.00
J.D. Hinckly Ground sent 8.00
Poole & Hildebrand Hauling Engine to & from fire 10.00
Anthony LeBrash Assistance to Steward 1.00
W. H. Shoudy Strap etc. .75
Kellogg & Anderson tripoli 1.00
F. W. Wusthoff Grease & nails 1.40
Schwabacher Bros & Co Coal & olive oil 2.50
J. L. Kahaley Coal & lumber to Engine House 4.50
Waddell & Miles Damper for pipe .25
Charles McDonald To purchase coal 10.00
The claim of Harrington & Smith is referred to the Street Committee
And now come the several persons herein after named & make application
for the licenses herein after specified for the periods from the dates herein after
set out, and at the same time said applicants file their Several Bonds
in accordance with The Ordinance relative thereto. And after examination
said bonds are approved & said applicants making due proof that they
are persons of good moral character. It is therefore ordered that upon
their compliance with all the other provisions of said Ordinance the Clerk
be & is hereby instructed to issue licenses to said applicants for the periods
& purposes following To wit:

Names Description of License Terms Date of Commencement
Lester & Cowden Retail liquor 3 Months Feb. 17, 1882
Thos & C.F. Clancy d" 3 Months Feb. 8, 1882
d" 2 Billiard Tables 3 Months Feb. 8, 1882
Smith & Farmer Retail liquor 3 Months Feb. 8, 1882
d" 1 Billiard Table 3 Months Feb.8, 1882
Bernard Crosseu Grocery 3 Months Feb. 8, 1882
A. F. Hill Retail Liquor 3 Months Feb. 8, 1882
d" 1 Billiard Table 3 Months Feb. 8, 1882

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