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ordered that the improvements therein prayed for be made.

The Street Committee report favorably on
the petition of M.V. B. Stacy and others praying for
the opening of Pike Street from Eighth Street to Fif-
teenth Street
, thereupon the same is granted.

And now L.S. McLure tenders his resignation
of the office of City Treasurer, whereupon the same
is accepted to take effect upon the qualification of
his successor.

The Council proceeds to fill the vacancy in
the office od City Treasurer caused by the resignation
of L.S. McLure and W. H. Taylor is elected Treasurer
for the unexpired term.

And now the Committee on Engine House sub-
mit plans for a City Engine House prepared by W.E.
, architect; thereupon said plans are adopted
and said Committee authorized to advertise for bids
for the construction of a brick building in accordance

The Bill of the C and P.S. R.R.Co. for a lamp on
Commercial Street is laid on the table.

And now comes Wm. Grose and makes application
for a license to retail spirituous, malt and fermented
liquors and wines from May 1st 1882 to August 1st 1882
and at the same time said applicant files his bond
in accordance with the Ordinance relation thereto. After
due examination said bond is approved and the said
applicant making due proof that he is a man of good
moral character, it is therefore ordered that upon his
compliance with all the provisions of said Ordinance
the Clerk be and and he is hereby instructed to issue
a license to said applicant for the purpose and period
herein-above specified.

And now the Ordinance Committee submit
Ordinance No 265 the same being entitled, "A Special
Ordinance to provide for the grading and improvement

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