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And now the Council proceeds to consider
Ordinance No 269, the same being entitled as
follows, towit; - "An Ordinance to amend Section
five of an ordinance entitled 'Ordinance No 129,
relating to Fire Warden his powers and duties.'"

After due consideration said ordinance is
adopted by the following vote, towit; In favor
of adoption, Thomas Clancy, John Collins, Wm. A. Jennings,
M. Densmore, John Keenan, Moses Keezer and
Charles McDonald. Against adoption, none.

Ordered that the Ordinance Committee be and they
are hereby instructed to submit an ordinance to
provide for the construction of a sidewalk on the
South side of Washington Street from Second Street and to
Fourth Street.

Ordered that the Council now stand adjourned.

Attest E S Osborne Clerk Approved L P Smith Mayor

Be it remembered that on this the 5th day of
May A.D. 1882, the Common Council of the City of Seattle
meets pursuant to law.

The following officers are present, towit; His Honor
the Mayor L. P. Smith and councilmen due consideration said
ordinance by the following vote. In favor Thomas Clancy,
John Collins, Wm. A. Jennings, John Keenan and
Charles McDonald.

Thereupon the following proceedings are had.

A petition is received from R.S. Green et al
praying for the opening and widening of the extension
of Madison Street, and the same in grading.

Heaeth Officer, Dr E.L. Smith submits the following
report which is received and ordered placed on

"To the Honorable Mayor and Common Council

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