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Be it remembered that on this the 11th day of
May 1882 the common council of the city of Seattle
meets in it Council Chamber as a Board of Equalization pursuant to adjourn-
ment of May 10 1882
Present His Honor the Mayor L P Smith and
Coucilman Thomas Clancy, John Collins, Wm A Jennings
and John Keenan
Thereupon the Council proceeds with the
equalization of the assessment roll of 1882, pending
which Council adjourns until May 12th 1882
Attest E S Osborne Clerk
Approved L P Smith Mayor
Be it remembered that on this the 12th day of
May, 1882, the Common Council of the City of Seattle
meets in its Council Chamber pursuant to adjournment of May 5th 1882
Present, His Honor the Mayor L P Smith and
Councilmen Thomas Clancy, John Collins, M Densmore
Wm A Jennings, John Keenan and Charles McDonald
Ordered that Andrew Castro be granted a lease to
certain space on the Columbia Street incline for the consideration
of $30.00 per year.
Ordered that the chairman of the Cemetary Committee
be instructed to advertise for bids for slashing City Cemetary
And now come persons hereinafter named and make application
for the business license after named from the dates and for the periods hereinafter
specified and at the same itme & said applicants file their several
bonds in accordance with the Ordinance relation thereto. After due ex-
amination said bonds are approved and the said applicants making
due proof that they are persons of good moral character, it is therefore
ordered that upon the completion with all the othere provisions
of said Ordinance that Clerk be and he hereby is instructed
to issue licenses to said applicants for the periods and
purposes following to wit:

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