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Names Description of License Period Date of Commencement
Joe Francisco Retail Liquor 3 mos May 16, 1882
August Hess Grocery 3 mos May 15, 1882
J.T. Wilkins Retail Liquor 3 mos May 13, 1882
An invitation is received from the Grand Army of the
Republic requesting the City Council to take part in the
ceremonies on Decoration Day. the invitation is accepted and
the thanks of the council tendered to said society.
Ordered that the matter of obstructions at the end of
Madison Street incline be referred to the Fire Committee
Ordered that the matter of certain Band instruments
belonging to the City be referred to the Finance Committee
Ordered that the Council now stand adjourned
until May 13th 1882 at 7&1/2 o'clock pm.
Attest: E S Osborne Clerk
Approved L P Smith Mayor
Be it remembered that on this 12th day of May
1882, the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in
its Council Chamber, as a Board of Equalization pursuant
to adjournment of May 11th 1882.
Present, His Honor, the Mayor L P Smith
and Councilmen Thomas Clancy, John Collins, M Densmore,
Wm A Jennings, John Keenan and Charles McDonald.
thereupon the Council proceeds to the Equalization
of the Assessment roll for the year 1882, pending which
the Council adjourns until May 13th 1882.
Attest: E S Osborne Clerk
Approved L P Smith, Mayor

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