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due examination said bond is approved and the said
applicant making due proof that they are persons of
good moral character it is therefore ordered thatupon
their compliance with all the other provisions of said
Ordinance the clerk be and he is hereby instructed to
issue said license as applied for.
And now the ordinance committee submits Ordinance
No. 279, the same being entitled as follows to wit:
"An Ordinance fixing the amounts and
kinds of taxes for the year 1882"
After due consideration said ordinance is adopted
by the following vote, to wit: In favor of adoption Thos
, John Collins, Wm A Jennings, John Keenan and Chas
. Against adoption, none.
Said tax levy is as follows, to wit:
City Fund two{2} Mills per dollar
Fire Fund one {1} Mill per dollar
Gas Fund one {1} Mill per dollar
Road Fund one {1} Mill per dollar
Road Toll Tax Four dollars for each person liable.
A petition is received from H L Yeslar and others pray-
ing that the money proposed to be appropriated for the
purpose of building a city hall be diverted to the purchase
of a new Steam Fire Engine.
Ordered that a committee consisting of John Collins, Wm.
A. Jennings
and Charles McDonald be appointed to negotiate
for another Steam Fire Engine.
A petition is received from Smith & Farrar and others praying for the appointment of John Baker as a special night
watchman, his salary to be paid by petitioners. Said petition
is granted and it is ordered that said John Baker
be and he is hereby appointed special night watchman.
Ordered that the bid of Narcisse Le Breache to slash
5 acres of the City Cemetery for $20 per acre be accepted
and state he be instructed to perform the labor.

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