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Be it remembered that on this the 16th day of June
1882, the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets
in its Council Chamber pursuant to adjournment of
May 9th 1882.
Present His Honor, the Mayor, L. P. Smith and
Councilman John Collins, Thos Clancy, Wm. A. Jennings,
John Keenan, Chas McDonald and G. L. Manning.
Thereupon the following proceedings are had.
The Ordinance Committee submit ordinance No 285,
the same being entitled "An Ordinance to provide for
the erection of a Building to be used as a Council
Chamber, Fire Engine House and City Jail, in the
City of Seattle, in the County of King and Territory of Washington."
After due consideration said ordinance is adopted
by the following vote, towit: In favor of adoption
John Collins, Thos Clancy, Wm. A. Jennings, John Keenan, Charles Mc-
and G. L. Manning. Against adoption, none.
A petition is received from B. F. Day praying for the
removal of a fence from 9th street and for permission to
build a sidewalk; thereupon the same is referred to the
Street Committee.
A petition is received form Mrs E. Buscal et al praying for
the placing of the gas lights on Second and Cherry Streets; there-
upon the same is referred to the Gas Committee.
Ordered that the Cemetery Committee be and
they are hereby authorized to procure the cleaning
of two(2) or more acres of the Cemetery.
And now the Street Committee whom was
referred the remonstrance of A. Spaulding et al against
building the sidewalk on 11th street report on the
same and recommend that said proposal sidewalk
be not built; thereupon said report is adopted.
And now the Council proceeds to reconsider the
order if June 2nd 1881 by which the bid of T. P. Roberts
on 11th street sidewalk was accepted; thereupon it is
ordered that all bids for the construction of said sidewalk be rejected.

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