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The council proceeds to open the bids for the cleaning
of the cemetery; the following bids have been received, viz,
from B.F. Day for $180 per acre, J.H. Henry & J.M. Hoffman 600 for
2 acres, B.F. Lillie for $149 per acre, Patrick Forest $174 per acre,
Walter France for $165 per acre.
The bid of B.F. Lillie bring the lowest it is ordered
that the contract be awarded to him at $149 per acre.
Ordered that a warrant for $3250.00 be drawn on
the fire fund in favor of John Collins, the proceeds to be used
for the purchase of a new ground fire engine.
And now in pursuance of notice duly published the
council proceeds to the equalization of the special assessment
polls under ordinance No 284, 281, and 276. No complaints
being made against either of said special assessments it is ordered
that they be and they are hereby accepted and approved.
The Ordinance Committee are instructed to submit
ordinances levying taxes in accordance with the provisions of
ordinances Nos 284 and 281.
The assessment roll under ordinance No 282, is laid over
until next meeting of the council.
Ordered that the council stand adjourned until
Friday July 14th 1882.
Attend: E S Osborne Approved
clerk L.P. Smith
July 14/82 Be it remembered that on this the 14th day of July,
A.D. 1882, the common council of the City of Seattle meets
in its council chambers pursuant to adjounment of July 7 1882
Present, His Honor the mayor L.P. Smith and councilmen
Thos Clancy, M. Densmore, Wm A. Jennings, G.L. Manning, and
Chas McDonald and John Keenan.
Thereupon the following proceedings are had.
A communication is received from the Chief of Police rec-
ommending the dismissal of John Baker from the police force.
Ordered that the power to make assests be withdrawn

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