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July 28th, '82 proof that they are men of good moral character. It is or-
dered that the Clerk be & is hereby instructed to issue licenses
to said applicants upon their compliance with all the pro-
visions of the ordinance relative thereto.
The following claims having been duly audited by the Coun-
cil are ordered paid by Warrants drawn in the funds & in the
amounts following to wit:
City Fund
E. W. Rea
Contract work on New Engine House Nos 128-$100
Contract work on New Engine House 129-$100
Contract work on New Engine House 130-$100
Contract work on New Engine House 131-$100
Contract work on New Engine House 132-$100 (ttl) $500.00
S. F. Coombs J.P.s fees No 133 $39.70
M.V.B. Stacy Ground rent for jails 134 $10.00
L. P. Smith & Son Dog Tags 135 $10.75
L P Smith Cash Expended during quarentine 136 $2.00
Harry Chaffey Milk for Pest House 137 $4.50
John J. Seerley Cleaning Pest House 138 $9.00
A. M. Smith Abating Nuisance 139 $4.00
Fire Fund
Thomas Redding Hauling Engine To Fire No 54 $4.00
Cemetery Fund
Stetson & Post Lumber for old Cemetery No 2 $28.00
Robt Russell Hauling for old Cemetery 3 $4.50
F.W. Wusthoff Nails for old Cemetery 4 $1.80
John Fish Labor at old Cemetery 5 $1.25
N. Preston Labor at old Cemetery 6 $22.50
John Olsen Labor at old Cemetery 7 $8.75
And now the Mayor in pursuance to Ordinance No 276 to
extend & establish Madison Street, the Mayor appoints & files his
written appointment of D. M. Crane on behalf of the City as an
appraiser of damages & benefits.
Ordered that the written appointment under said ordinance heretofore fixed on behalf of property
damaged of J.E. Houghton be & is hereby approved.
And now it appearing to the Council that the owners of property benefited
by such extension & establishment of Madison Street have
failed to file a written appointment of an appraiser & are
are therefore now in default. It is ordered that L. B. Andrews

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