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103 COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEATTLE July29'82 Be it remembered that on this the 29th day of July 1882 the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its Council chamber pursuant to adjournment the following Officers are present to wit: Councilmen John Collins, M Densmore, Wm A Jennings, John Keenan and Charles McDonald. Thereupon the following proceedings are had: By reason of the absence of His Honor the Mayor L P Smith from the City, Councilman John Collins is appointed by the Council to the position of President of the council for the meeting And now the Special Committee to whom was referred the bids of all the Contractors for the Improvements to be done under Ordinances Nos 284,288 & 289 make their report That Chin Guan & Charlie are the lowest bidders on each & every of the improvements required by said Ordinances: Thereupon the report is accepted. whereupon it appearing to the Council that Chin Guan & Charlie are the lowest responsible bidders for the Improvements under each of said Ordinances & that they have reported their surities for such work to be Henry L Yesler, Moses R Maddocks, David T Denny, Robert Krupe & Robert Abrams & the Council finding siad surities to be responsible: It is ordered that each and every of the Contracts for said improvement be& is hereby awarded to said Chin Guan & Charlie upon their said bids. The vote upon said Order isa s follows: In favoe of said order Collins,Densmore Jennings, Keenan & McDonald. Against said order, none Ordered that the said Chin Guan & Charlie be required to furnish a bond for all of said improvements in the sum of $5000.00 Ordered that the Ordinance committee be & they are hereby instructed to submit a proper Ordinance, bond and contract for said Improvements Ordered that the Street Commission be & is hereby instucted to open the Alley in Block 2 of Maynard's plat Ordered that the Council stand adjourned attest: E S Osborne Clerk Approved, President of the Council

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