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Sept1/82 From Fire and Water, on petition of W H White et al for the purchase
of 20x60 feet off West End of Lot 2 Block 5 of Boren's Plat for our Engine House, recommending the purchase of 25 by 60 feet of West
end of said Lot.
From Fire and Water showing that $3.75 had been paid into
treasury for changes on freight landed at City Inclines & recom-
mending the regulation of rates for landing property on City
Inclines. Referred to the City Attorney with instructions to rec-
ommend such action as he may be advised for the best inter-
ests of the City.
From License and Revenue on application of Robert Hahn
for a Grocery License, recommending the rejection of said
application. Adopted & License refused.
From Judiciary and Legislature of Reports of City Justices,
recommending the adoption of same, Adopted
From finance rejecting the claim of F W Wusthoff for
sundries furnished County coroner in the sum of $10.00 Adopted
& claim rejected
The following claims having been duly audited by the Council
and ordered paid by Warrants drawn on the funds & in the amount
following to wit:
City Fund
E S Osborne Clerk No 154 $41.64
C H Hanford Atty 155 41.65
J H Woolery Chief of Police 156 100.00
W B Thompson Police 157 80.00
D M McCowan Police 158 80.00
James Welch Police 159 80.00
Dr E L Smith Health Officer 160 50.00
T H Cann City Justice 161 21.10
F H Whitworth Locating City Engine House 162 6.00
Stewart & Ebersold Job Work 163 23.25
C Hanford & Co Job Work 164&165 10.50
M V B Stacy Ground Rent for Jails 166 10.00
O Schillestad 1 case for Clerk 167 4.50
Catherine Weritt Costs in action-vs-City 168 27.15

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